Will Eren really die in the end of Attack on Titan?

YES. He will die. Really. I don’t see how this is still considered a surprise for some. From the very first chapter, Isayama has foreshadowed Eren’s death. Okay, back when it was released, I am sure no one really thought of it that way, but with the recent revelations, there is just no way that Eren lives.

The Scenery

So, let’s take a look at the clues and how Isayama presented them. Beginning with the most recent information available, we know that all titan shifters, meaning the humans who have control of 1 or more of 9 available titan powers, only live 13 years. Knowing that the royal family used to pass the founding titan down every 13 years for all the 2000 years of titan existence, we can assume that the information provided is accurate. However, this information was only revealed in chapter 88. How is this connected to the 1st chapter?

This is all the evidence one needs to understand that Eren dies. The only time that page 13 appears in numerical form in any of the chapters of Attack on Titan is this one time in the very first chapter. Why is that scene so special? It’s because of the very first panel. What we see is Mikasa from Eren’s point of view, with a different hairstyle than the one she wears in the next panel. We see her wearing her scarf and casual clothes in a somewhat grassy field. Mikasa’s silhouette is a bit darker also. What’s more interesting about the scene is that Mikasa seems to be smiling, yet shading tears at the same time, while the last 3rd of her head, including her eyes and scar, is not shown. Lastly, her words are “Itterasshai Eren”.

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