What relationship advice would you like to give to your younger self?

  • Sex and love are not one and the same.
  • If someone lies about small things, they will lie about big things.
  • Look at how a man treats women he has no interest in dating. That is where his true character shows. (If he is trying to pick you up, of course, he will be nice to you!)
  • Anything you chase runs away. The more you chase, the faster they run.
  • Some men will promise you anything and everything you want to hear in order to get laid. Learn to read between the lines.
  • Most women think clearly before sex, most men do after.
  • Evaluate people by their repeated actions, not by their words.
  • The numbers game doesn’t work. We attract & repel people based on who we are. If you don’t like the kind of men you are repeatedly attracting, take a good honest look at yourself.
  • Falling head over heels on a first date is infatuation, not real love..
  • Instant relationships will fizzle out quickly because they are built on superficial declarations of love. Instant relationships, like instant food and get rich quick schemes, SUCK, big time! They are not real.
  • You can’t talk a man into commitment.
  • Sometimes a good guy is taking his time to really get to know you, don’t assume he is not interested. Recognize that you are drawn to the drama and excitement of the instant relationship, which is not real love so you may be dismissing good guys.


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