Hello all, your friendly neighborhood resident local gun and history nut here, and I’m here to do an analysis on the small arms used in Attack on Titan and compare them to their real-life counterparts.

Outside Paradis Island, nations such as Marley and the Mid-East Allied Forces possess more modern firearm technology. Advanced small-arms such as revolvers, sub-machine guns, bolt action rifles, and water-cooled machine guns are widely used in those armies. Nevertheless, they are just as ineffective as Paradis Island’s flintlocks when used against Titans, which require the use of specialized artillery such as anti-Titan artillery to defeat it.

1. Anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment

F**king Kenny

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad’s specialized anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment is the first to incorporate firearms with vertical maneuvering equipment. This variant has the appearance of a short, single-barreled shotgun that fires a single shell that is powerful enough to blow off a person’s face entirely. Two of these shotguns can be used at the same time. The shotguns are reloaded in a manner similar to signal flares the wielders throwing away the barrels and replacing them with new ones that are stored on bandoliers worn over the wielder’s thighs.

Although it is technically not a weapon, the hook can be used as a ranged weapon in an emergency situation because the hook is located in the user’s hands, which makes it very easy to aim. Despite the power of these firearms, the shots can be deflected with the ultrahard steel of the standard vertical equipment’s sword. Also, their penetrating power is somewhat limited, as Levi was able to block a volley of shots fired at him by using the corpse of a member of the Military Police’s Anti-Personnel Control Squad.


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