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    Ugly Truths about Life

    Here is a 26 lines list of ugly truths about life: We crave things like sex, drugs, money, etc and all this will stop mattering awhile after having them. Show me a pretty girl and I’ll show you a man who is tired of her bullshit. Your looks matter. They will define the jobs you get, the soulmate you get, […] More

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    How Do You Know You Need a Psychologist?

    We asked a friend with experience and said this: 1. When I once spent two days straight without talking to any person, including my parents. 2. When even after studying for 12–14 hours a day, my brain couldn’t retain and register anything. 3. When I couldn’t eat anything and had completely lost my appetite and […] More

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    Psychological Facts Most People Don’t Know

    We are naturally predisposed to pay attention to sex, food, and danger. If you are having a hard time befriending the person that you like, try befriending their friends first. People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others. Subjects who were told that the results of their IQ test were poor expressed more national and religious prejudices than those who […] More

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    What’s so special about Tesla’s CYBERTRUCK?

    Following quite a while of anticipation, Tesla today at long last unveiled its everything electric pickup truck, which goes by the name of the Cybertruck. We can get into the specs in a moment, however, first of all, we need to address the self-evident: Tesla’s Cybertruck looks like nothing we’ve seen at any point before. […] More

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    The Science of Natural Sleep

    Have you been getting a decent night’s sleep? If the appropriate response is meh, at that point chances are you’re not paying consideration regarding what you’re doing during the day. As people, we are not always in sync with our sleep. Ecological components interfere with rest, upsetting our typical circadian rhythms. Moreover, nervousness, caffeine drinks, […] More