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    One-Punch Man Teases Saitama’s Most Important Battle

    One-Punch Man has been snared in the long-running Monster Association experience that began when the Monster King Orochi sorted out an enormous mammoth attack on the individuals, and the latest time of this monstrous war has set the S-Class Heroes into the Monster Associations base. This has driven them to fight most likely the hardest […] More

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    No art is made in an exceedingly vacuum, inspiration may be a two-way street, and one fun a part of charting the history of comics and cartoons throughout the planet is to envision however creativeness cross-pollinates. ideas will appear in one country, get borrowed by another, mutate, and come back home to inspire additional concepts […] More

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    PC Game sizes Are Ballooning And It’s Scary

    Earlier nowadays, I used to be reading over the computer hardware specifications for the approaching call of Duty: Modern Warfare and, once I reached the hard drive space requirement, did a double-take. 175 GB. For one game. My drive presently has less than half that space free for all games. And modern Warfare is way from alone in its Galactus-like hunger for hard drive space. The computer version of Red Dead Redemption 2, as an example, won’t stop till it’s unfeelingly conquered 150 GB of your PC’s storage. This continues an upward trend seen in different recent heavyweight kingpins just like […] More