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Science hasn't much been depicted in Game of Thrones and here's why:

  1. A Song of Ice and Fire is fantasy. It is not our world. There are a number of things in their world that do not function the way they do in our world. This is not "Medieval Europe + Dragons", it is a completely different world, with fundamentally different rules of existence.

  2. The seasons last much longer, and this has a fundamental effect on productivity, population, etc. A major drop in population, in our world, often led to a period of technological downgrading. Westeros experiences these regularly.
  3. Lack of specific resources: point to the part of the books where it mentions deposits of coal and oil. Can't find anything? That's because we do not know that coal and oil exist in large quantities in Westeros. Imagine trying to spark the Industrial Revolution without fossil fuels.

  4. Point to the part in the books where it describes electricity. Can't find it? Then how do you know electricity works in the same way in Westeros? Remember, this is fantasy. We know that some of the laws of physics function differently there. We cannot assume, then, that every law of physics in our universe works the same in Westeros.
  5. Economic emphasis on slavery, serfdom, and extractive enterprises that make scientific advances less appealing. Wealth in Westeros is primarily from farming and mining, done by serfs and slaves. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few families, and as they control the wealth, they have no need to market new products and inventions to consumers, as very few consumers have money. Due to a lack of resources to start business ventures, strong political control over the population, frequent wars and Winters, etc., there is little time or incentive for experimentation. Most scientific advances, in our world, were funded either by the chance to sell the resulting products or by a wealthy patron who was willing to pay the costs. The lack of consumers with disposable incomes removes the first support, and outside of the Citadel, there are no nobles willing to fund obscure scientific research.
Each of the key ingredients that generated scientific advances in our world is lacking in Westeros.


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