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Quite a long time ago, a young lady went strolling through the Mass.

She ran over the first brane and said: "the speed of light in this universe is excessively fast", and afterward she went to the following one and said: "the speed of light in this universe is excessively slow". Afterward, she went to our Universe and stated: "Oh great, incredible place to do some physics...."

How about we see how matter and energy influence the curvature of spacetime, which to us is experienced as the strength of gravity.


See the "c" in the denominator? That is the speed of light and it is raised to the fourth power. If we somehow managed to take the present an incentive for the speed of light and decreased it to the fastest conceivable speed of any rocket, say 30,000 m/s, at that point what may happen to gravity? Indeed, the strenght of gravity would expand ten thousand trillion times! We can't live that way.

Presently we should take a gander at the fine structure consistent, that esteem near 1/137 that factors into electromagnetic communications and straightforwardly relative to the speed of light "c" as appeared here:


In the event that the estimation of the speed of light was extraordinary, the fine structure steady is similarly unique, just slightly unique, at that point iotas and consequently life couldn't shape, or quite a bit of whatever else.

You may think the speed of light is so fast, however, I believe it's perfect.

To the non-scientist 

It is likely (in any event trusted) the physicist reading this will take the soul of this answer in which it is given. They comprehend the hidden material science and realize what is important were left inferred. For culmination, I might want to include some critical and pertinent subtleties for non-pros.
  1. Nobody knows and the most profound dimension of understanding what a universe at last is or why the constants have the qualities they do.
  2. While changing the estimations of the constants while holding different constants settled indicates emotional results, we don't know how modifying some these constants impacts alternate constants to know whether can on a fundamental level hold those qualities the equivalent. Selections of units can have any kind of effect. In the condition for the fine structure consistent the penetrability of free space is held settled, however, the condition could have been communicated generally and placed "c" in the denominator rather than the numerator and apparently change its suggestions.
  3. Essential: The speed of light itself isn't what is critical here or even what is suggested by the conditions - the esteem "c" is a principal invariant amount in material science... for reasons unknown light or any massless molecule moves at that speed. 


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