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| Here is a 26 lines list of ugly truths of life.
  1. We crave things like sex, drugs, money etc and all this will stop mattering awhile after having them.
  2. Show me a pretty girl and i’ll show you a man who is tired of her bullshit.
  3. Your looks matter. They will define the jobs you get, the soulmate you get, the opportunities you get too.
  4. Men are also raped.
  5. The world is full of suffering. You are not alone, keep going.
  6. People will always judge you by how much money you have in your bank account.
  7. No matter the number of friends you have, most of your battles you'll have to fight alone.
  8. You are living someones best life.
  9. Reality TV is not actually real.
  10. You can easily lose everything you've worked for, enjoy every step.
  11. You can’t please everyone.
  12. We now live in a society where it's easier for our parents and guardians to notice a pregnant child but not a depressed one.
  13. You will most likely watch a bunch of people you love die.
  14. Your rich friend owes you nothing.
  15. Get off YouTube and go see a dermatologist if you’re really serious about your acne.
  16. Nobody cares about their virginity anymore.
  17. Problems will never end, they just keep changing as you also change.
  18. Money is not everything but it will sure make you live your best life or rather the life you want.
  19. Life is not promised, you can die at anytime.
  20. Social media is full of sad people pretending to be happy.
  21. Success is not guaranteed, you can work hard all your life and still die poor.
  22. Stop waiting for Karma to punish people, sometimes it never happens and you’ll see them living a good life.
  23. Always remember it might be the last time you are seeing or talking to someone.
  24. Self-awareness and self-satisfaction tend to be mutually exclusive.
  25. Being good will make people misuse you, you will most likely experience a lot of shit for being good.
  26. People will remember the bad things you did to them over the most good ones.


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